Once You Know Alcohol

You’ll Want No Alcohol

Hi I'm Jim.

I’m Jim Shovlin, a Registered Pharmacist with 42+ years experience. I owned & operated my own community pharmacy for 32+ years.


For 30+ Years–I was “a normal drinker”. I rarely drank during the week, but almost always drank on weekends. (Doesn’t Everybody?) I worked a lot of hours, so drinking a lot wasn’t “an option”. I decided to “retire from the bench” but continued to own my store, just doing administrative duties. Then–somewhere along my way through life–Alcohol snuck in & took over!

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Do you want to change your relationship with Alcohol ?

'Do you ever ask yourself:  “Am I An Alcoholic?” 


James A.

Working with Jim completely changed the way I view alcohol and my relationship with drinking. I'd recommend you sign up now.

Tim B

I've struggled with alcohol my entire life. Working with Jim has helped put a joyous end to my drinking when nothing worked.

Simon N

"Private Sessions with Jim have been instrumental in helping me understand and explore my relationship with Alcohol.

I've learned so much and with Jim's assistance, I have new tools that help me in social environments.

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